Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Work It Wednesday

Goooood morning! How are y'all after the 7 Day Run Challenge? Motivated and feeling great, I hope!! Did you keep to your goal? Please share all successes!

I am well aware that the biggest holiday of the year is in 4 very short days, so I am going to make all 5 days of our workout short and sweet. Just like me!

Day 1:
Walking Lunges (Remember, these are essential if you want an amazing money maker, and who doesn't?) Read below to my post titled "Five Days of Hurting so Good" if you want some background on this exercise. This workout will take you 20 minutes to complete and music is vital. I recommend a mix from Rock My Run. You will be pissed at me and you will hate me during the first set, but it gets easier as you go.
50 lunges, rest 60 seconds
40 lunges, rest 60 seconds
30 lunges, rest 60 seconds
20 lunges, rest 60 seconds
10 lunges, rest 60 seconds
10 lunges, rest 60 seconds

Day 2:
Run at least 1.5 miles or walk at least 2 miles. This exercise should take you no longer than 15 minutes if you're running or 30- 45 minutes if you're walking. I'm suggesting a run on day 2 because your butt and legs will feel horrible from your lunges on day 3.

Day 3:
Today we are doing a push up workout that will be 3 sets long with 3 exercises in each set. Now pay attention, because they will each be a little different. This should take you 20 minutes.
Set 1- 20 regular or knee push ups, 20 pike push ups & 20 tricep dips (I use my kitchen table chair)
-No rest, people- keep moving...
Set 2- 15 of each of the above.
-Keep on going- Almost done...
Set 3- 10 of each of the above.
Hallelujah you're done with day 3!
*ps If you're wondering wth a pike push up is, picture this: you have both hands and feet on the ground like a regular push up with your butt straight up in the air so you look like a big A. HAHA! Get it? Bend your elbows and lower your head to the ground, keeping your legs straight the entire time.

Day 4:
Squats~ I began doing this workout when my ankle was broken, so I was only squatting half way down. That is a good starting point if you're not used to doing squats. To begin this exercise, see how many squats you can do in a row to failure. When you figure out that number, repeat 9 more times with a 60 second rest in between each set. If you want to get crazy, do abs during your rest period. Try to do a minimum of 200 squats for your whole workout. This should take about 30 minutes to complete.
*Remember when doing a squat, keep feet shoulder width apart and don't let your knees go forward past your toes.

Day 5:
Do at least 30 minutes of some type of cardio. That could be hiking, running, hot yoga, etc. as long as you keep your heart rate high.

PLEASE leave comments on this post or message with any questions or comments. I want to hear how you're doing and if you want clarification on anything.

Merry Christmas if I don't talk to you before then. I hope you all have a happy and healthy holiday.

{FUN FACT} Did you know...
Exercise boosts brain power, melts stress away, gives you energy, helps ward off disease, pumps up your heart and increases your libido.


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